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This map originally started out as a remake of an ancient Natural Selection 1.0x map so that it would work on later NS 2.x and 3.x branches, but I've steadily added on to and refined it over the past 15 or so years since. This map has been through eight major revisions and countless minor revisions.

The original map was named ns_square_wall, and was made by someone named SquareSoftKnight, from the long defunct Square NS clan. I remember one of his clan members contacting me well over a decade ago when he saw the remake and was surprised anyone knew about it.

http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... dux_t08.7z

Older versions:
http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... dux_t06.7z
http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... dux_t05.7z

ns_square_wall by SquareSoftKnight:
http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... re_wall.7z

ns_square_wall3 - I found this long ago on a long forgotten corner of the internet. No idea who made it, but it has a weird fourth hive hidden in the middle hallway wall?
http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... e_wall3.7z

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