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Half-Life Map Archive

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If you have a nostalgia for old Natural Selection maps, but haven't been able to find them, take a look at my map archive where I have quite a few Natural Selection maps, as well as maps for other mods. I started this archive when I noticed that many of the places which once hosted NS maps have disappeared without a trace, and even archive.org doesn't have a copy of them. When I do occasionally still find NS content dumps, I'll vacuum it up and put it here:


If you still have an old dusty NS install from a bygone era on a hard drive in your closet, send it my way and I'll preserve it in this archive as long as possible. In an age where corporations dump petabytes of data without warning, I'd rather not see the history of Natural Selection lost to time. Monetary donations are also appreciated, the server and domains are paid for out of my pocket and every penny helps. Information on donating is on the archive site.

The directory structure is a bit of a mess, but most maps on the archive should have the relevant data to make it work. If not, it's not hard to fudge things to work.