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Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:32 am
by GiGaBiTe

Based on the secret level from Episode 2 of Duke 3D of the same name, the objective of this map is for both teams to control the reactor core crystal. Take your team's flag to the pad below the core crystal to capture it and hold it at all costs. Your team's score will increase by two points every several seconds for as long as you hold the core.

Due to bugs with TFC, engineers cannot build structures (sentries, dispensers or teleporters) on the circular conveyor belt or in the inner area of the map. Four mounted guns are provided pointing at each door which any team can use to defend the core, as well as ammo bags for both teams to use. NeoTF structures (multiguns, etc.) are able to be placed anywhere in the map, including on the conveyor belt since they're not restricted.

Download: ... ycle_r2.7z