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Propeller Model Pack for Garry's Mod

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:53 am
by GiGaBiTe
If you find these models useful, please consider donating. Donations will go towards hosting expenses and other associated bills. I accept Paypal and Bitcoin:

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Bitcoin: 1Q7nb7GrbsmXjVXoNf1or4RK9bLsaPkomz

Please read the installation instructions carefully or your local install of the subversion repository WILL NOT WORK.

Due to people not being able to read license.txt in included in the subversion repository, I will the important part here:

Under no condition are you allowed to upload any of my work to the Steam Workshop (or anywhere else.) Users who violate this will be reported for copyright infringement. Being unable to use a Subversion client, thinking using Subversion is too difficult or wanting to help other people get the models without using Subversion are not valid reasons to upload my models.

Latest Repo version: 31 (08/18/2019)

My model pack is contained in a subversion (SVN) repository. It's too much work to repackage the entire mod and re-upload it every time I update something. In order to get the files, you'll need a SVN client. I recommend Tortoise SVN, which you can get here:

My SVN repo is here:

To install the model pack, navigate to your garrysmod\addons folder. You'll then need to create a new folder in the addons folder called "propellersvn". You then need to right click on this new folder and select "SVN Checkout" (after you install an SVN client) and paste the URL listed above.

NOTE: GM13 doesn't automatically copy the spawnlists from addons, you must do this manually or you won't see the models in the spawn menu. I've made a batch file in the root directory of the addon called "COPY SPAWN LISTS.CMD", which you can run to automatically copy the spawnlists over. You can also copy the scripts over manually if you know what you're doing.

NOTE:This model pack will never be available on the Steam Workshop due to the terrible license that Valve included with it. DO NOT upload this model pack, or any part of it to the Workshop either, unless you want to be banned from using it.

The model pack is an ongoing development and I add / change models to it as I need them. I make no guarantee that every model currently available will be in the next version. There are times where I deem some models to be obsolete and replace them with newer ones, in which case, you should make backups of the models you use frequently, or use an older version of the repository.

If you need a custom model and it isn't something outside of my skill level (I can't make organic models like humans, animals, etc.) then feel free to ask. If you have any models that you'd like added to the model pack that you made, and think they'd be a good addition, you can also recommend them.

Here's a shot of all current models as of SVN version 14:

Wood propellers, DIY propellers and spinners:

Legacy models:

Artillery barrel & mount, shell and the boom for an Airco D.H.2:

Pistons, crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, oil pans:

Antique fabric wings:

The left and right wings and ailerons have five skins (fabric only, RAF logo upper and lower, Iron Cross upper and lower.)


Biplanes: (Build these yourself)