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About This Section

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This section is dedicated to bot waypoints I make for Half-Life mods.

If you have a map that you want waypoints for, I do commissions. Currently, I can waypoint the following bot types:

RCBot - Works with many Half-Life mods.
Foxbot - Team Fortress Classic Only.
Whichbot - Natural Selection Only.


Basic Waypoints - $50

Basic waypoints will allow the bots to navigate the map and have the minimum amount of functionality (not available for TFC.)

Advanced Waypoints - $100

Advanced waypoints build upon the basic waypoint set by creating more complex navigational meshes and hint points so bots are less predictable and act smarter. This is the minimum level for TFC due to the complex nature of TFC maps.

For TFC only, this includes script creation, which is required for the bots to understand command points, flag and capture locations.

Expert Waypoints - $150

This builds further on advanced waypoints by optimizing the navigational mesh and hints to ensure the bots play the map as good as possible.

For TFC only, this also includes the creation of an area definition file, which allow bots to communicate to human players dynamic situations going on while playing the map. This includes things like where the flag currently is and if the bot spots an enemy structure.


Payment is due on completion of work. If payment is not made, the waypoints will not be released to the commissioner or the public.

All paid for commissioned works will be made publicly available.

If a map is not waypointable for any reason, there will be no charge for the attempt and no files will be released.