Radiance-Fedora GTK 3.2x XFCE Theme

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Radiance-Fedora GTK 3.2x XFCE Theme

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Radiance-Fedora is a modification I made to the normal Radiance theme to give it the blue Fedora color scheme and add back the scroll bar bumpers that have irritatingly been removed from basically every XFCE theme. There is more I would have liked to do with the theme, but I'm not well versed in GTK3 and wasn't able to accomplish the additional tweaks I wanted to do. This theme is designed to work with GTK 3.2x and later, it may not work on GTK 3.0, your mileage may vary.



To install the theme, extract the Radiance-Fedora folder into "/usr/share/themes". You may have to do this using sudo or root due to folder permissions.

You can then select the theme from the theme list in the Appearance settings. I designed it to work best with the Redmond window UI to give a classic Windows look, but it should work with other window UIs.

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