Ban Requests & Appeals

Ban Requests & Appeals
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Ban Requests & Appeals

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If you feel that you've been unfairly banned from one of my servers, you're free to plead your case here. You must state why you think you were banned and what you'll do in the future to rectify said behavior. Any attempts to deflect blame or cause drama will result in your appeal being denied, and pushing the issue will result in your forum account being banned as well.

If you feel a player has done something to deserve being removed from one of my servers, post as much information about the user as possible for identification. The list below will greatly help in identifying suspect player and having them dealt with.

- Which server incident happened on
- Player handle (name they used on the server)
- SteamID of the player (you can find this by typing "status" in the console)
- Map incident happened on
- Description in detail why you think the player should be banned from the server.

False or deceptive ban reports will result in punishment of the reporting player. Reporting a player because you have a grudge or dislike of them is not a valid report.