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Server Info & Rules

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Server Name: NukemD's Minecraft Server
Connect Address:

I've run this customized Minecraft server since 2011. The world is regenerated every major Minecraft update, so don't get too attached to items you collect or structures you create. There are several reasons that I choose to do this, but chief among them is server resources. Other reasons are to keep clutter down from stuff left behind by nomadic players, and to prevent any single person/group from becoming disproportionately powerful.

Rules List:
- Cheating and/or hacks are not tolerated.
- Racism, sexism or discrimination of any other type is not tolerated.
- Griefing the world or other player structures is not allowed.
- Actions in detriment to the server will result in your removal.
- Raiding is only allowed between consenting parties.
- PvP is only allowed between consenting parties.
- No, you can't be an admin.

I have many tools at my disposal to weed out trash players, so don't waste my time trying to be cute and break the rules. You know you did it, and I know you did it, throwing a tantrum publicly will only make you look childish. Breaking any of these rules will result in a permanent ban, as well as a permanent ban on any alt accounts you may try to use to get around the ban. My server is part of a global ban network, so any serious bans WILL carry across to thousands of other Minecraft servers. Think before you decide to be an idiot, your account is on the line, and is your own responsibility.