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[TFC] Warpath_R3

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This is a from scratch remake of the map warpath. The goal of the remake was to reduce the number of entities in the map to stop modded servers with plugins like AMXModX and NeoTF from crashing from entities overflowing the 512 limit.

The total entity count was reduced by converting extraneous func_wall and func_illusionary brushes to func_detail, which does not count towards the 512 entity limit. With the conversion of extraneous brush entities and six fewer status signs, the map has about 134 fewer brush entities than the original warpath.

Other changes include:

- Lighting errors have been corrected and due to improved compile tools, the overall lighting of the level is less washed out and has more clearly defined shadows and colors.
- All fences are now non-solid to projectiles.
- Six fewer command point status signs, there is still at least two status signs per area in the map.
- The map has been heavily optimized to improve frame rates. w_poly in large areas has been reduced by 5-20% via hidden surface removal and smart func_detail optimization.

Also included in the archive is the map source file, Foxbot waypoints and the texture wad file for map editing. It is not required to play the map as all wad textures are compiled into the BSP with the -nowadtextures option in hlbsp.exe

http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=files ... path_r3.7z

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